Yesterday, a homeless man who was dirty and sad came up to me

Yesterday, I was approached by a homeless man who was filthy, dejected, and wearing a tattered shirt and no shoes. He requested $20, and I gave him $50, to which he replied, “Thank you very much! “

“Take care of yourself!” I yelled. But he didn’t look away from me; instead, a smile spread across his face.

“Don’t you remember me?” he questioned.

I’m Ross, and we attended high school together.

I observed him. Dear God! Ross, I recall that you and I once battled, and you prevailed, but another time you protected me from a man who was about to strike me! What happened to you?

Sad to say, everything occurred to me, he said. That’s all that happened to me: “I joined a gang, I smoked, I drank, I slept with women, I abandoned three pregnant women, I stole, I beat people, I spent seven times in jail, my kids are a mess and don’t want me, I contemplated suicide twice, and now I’m pleading for food and drink”.

I lowered my head and said,

“How tragic!” He retorted, grinning, “I already have food for today, take care of yourself!”

He then walked away nervously and unsteadily.

I asked myself on the drive home why our lives had turned out differently if we had the same circumstances and possibilities as kids, and I also gave my response. His present was different from mine because MY PARENTS were there!

Indeed, I had the “worst” father and mother in the entire world! I had rules and schedules, along with consequences if I didn’t complete tasks by the deadline, whereas they let him run about the street playing and doing whatever came to mind. He wasn’t disciplined if he skipped school, but I was whether I was just late or missed school altogether… He was permitted to speak poorly of the old, smoke, and eat whatever he wanted in town!

I was forced to eat vegetable soup or a lengthy chicken-cutlery soup while drinking milk and water. drinking or smoking?

I was afraid to even bring up the subject!

Using poor language or retorting in the wrong way? A slap on the back of the mouth and a cut look! Mom and Dad, I appreciate you both!

It’s not him today; it’s me since I had the worst mother and father in the entire world!

Today, I give thanks to God for giving me those loving and strict parents. I appreciate you, my dear parents, and I will always carry you in my heart. Therefore, I insisted!


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