Instead of throwing away an ugly miserable commode, the girl turned it into a modern piece of furniture

The girl saw potential in this thrown-away commode and turned it into something amazing! 😮😍The girl transforms a commode beyond recognition and shares the before-and-after photos which can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

One girl came across an «ugly» miserable commode, saw a great potential in it, and believed that it could be the perfect piece of furniture for the décor of her house.

She removed the old coating from the chest of drawers quite simply. She armed herself with a fairy and a metal sponge. Since the plywood and pine weren’t particularly valuable and the missing drawers definitely needed replacing, I decided to paint the dresser.

This would be a shoe rack. The renovation process began with sanding wood defects and degreasing the surface, after which she began painting. She painted the interior shelves with paint that was left over from working on a shoe rack.

Although the paint was designated as acrylic enamel, it resembled alkyd in operation—thick and fragrant—yet it covered the surface in a perfect way. To replace the missing boxes, she decided to make doors from those bought at the market.

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