During an interview, a man asked for an email address.

Job Interview Turned Opportunity

A man applied for a janitorial position at a large corporation, landing an interview.

Unexpected Obstacle: No Email Address

During the interview, the HR manager offered him the job but encountered an unexpected hurdle: the man had no email address or computer.

Opportunity in Adversity

Disappointed but undeterred, the man turned to a resource at hand—a ten-dollar bill. He bought apples, sold them door-to-door, and multiplied his earnings.

Building a Business

With growing profits and keen market insight, he expanded his sales, eventually opening his own store, propelled by a relentless entrepreneurial spirit.

From Entrepreneur to Empire

His business acumen flourished, leading to a chain of supermarkets, marking the transformation from janitor to tycoon.

Legacy and Reflection

Approaching retirement, he sought financial advice to secure his family’s future. Remarkably, he never owned a computer or email address, relying on traditional methods.

Reflecting on Success

Surprised by his journey, the financial advisor marveled at the man’s achievements without modern technology. The man’s response echoed his journey’s essence: “I’d be a janitor.”

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