California License Plate’s Hidden Message Goes Viral

If there is one thing we know about people, it’s the fact that they can be sneaky. They may even be able to sneak something past the authorities that would otherwise never be allowed.

That is what we have for you today with this vanity license plate. It may not look like much at first, but when you see what it actually says, you won’t be able to not see it.

In every state, vanity license plates are given certain guidelines. There may be some differences in those guidelines, but if they are considered offensive, they will not be allowed. There is even a list of those plates that keep them from being created.

Perhaps that is why we are so surprised to see this vanity plate in California. Some people will call it creative, others will say it is offensive, but all of us have to admit that it is amazing that it got past the censors.

The image of the plate was posted on Imgur, and after it went viral, people couldn’t get over how imaginative the person was. When you look at the plate, it reads, “3JOH22A.”

When you look at the picture below, you might take a moment to figure out if you can crack the code. Vanity plates typically mean something, but in this particular case, it all has to do with mirrors.

It may not be the funniest license plate we have ever seen, but we can only imagine how unusual it would be to call one of these plates in if you were a policeman.

You might even wreck your car if you look in your rearview mirror and see the person following you. I’m not sure how they got away with it, but they really pulled the wool over somebody’s eyes.

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